Working closely with business owners to build great companies

The  Adafo Capital team provides high level technical, financial, and business development skills and support. 

AdaCap has the track record and resources to support and enrich  technology companies, reducing risk and increasing speed during a rapid growth phase


Adafo Capital works with a select number of  companies looking for rapid growth of their  compelling and disruptive solutions.

AdaCap invests our own capital whilst working closely with individuals and funds strongly biased towards Asia and China.

​Spice Island Aviation - A full aviation services group building solutions in East Africa and the Middle East

Petalite - Superfast Charging Technology solutions for Battery powered products​



Adafo Capital has specific expertise and relationships  who can oversee market building, in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America.

We have a track record of leading Business Development through the early years, building direct and channel sales on a region by region basis

Hong Kong                                                     UK - Oxford                             Switzerland - Lausanne

BizViz - A new services model providing SME's with access to outsourced business visibility tools and solutions

AmberTiger - World Class Mission Training Solutions for Rotary Wing and Drone Operators



Rusada Envision - One of the worlds leading providers of Maintenance and Logistics solutions for the aviation industry